Lawyers play a very important role in the financial world, but often have little or no knowledge of finance. This training aims to fulfil this knowledge gap by providing people with legal background with adequate knowledge to further understand the financial decision making of their clients and foster an effective communication with an integrated team of lawyers, accountants and investment advisers.


By attending this program, you will

  • Understand the key concept in finance and investment.
  • Able to scale up by adding more value to your client when negotiating with the other party, as you will be able to estimate the financial implication of specific changes in the deal.
  • Be able to ask the right questions from your client, and from other financial advisors – accountant and investment advisors etc…
  • Improve your understanding of current financial market development and trends.


Both in corporate finance and in investments, lawyers are important. Corporate restructuring transactions such as a merger, takeovers, and joint ventures almost do not come to be without legal advice and involvement of lawyers.

In investments, lawyers play a key role in the establishment and structure of the investment and often serve as negotiators in investment transactions. Of these transaction processes, finance, accounting and economics are crucial aspects.

In the field of finance, issues like valuation, cost of capital, understanding of cash flows and the time value of money should be part of the knowledge of all those involved in the transaction.

Accountancy issues are important in the due diligence of the transaction, while economic theories of agency and corporate governance form the basis for the structuring of investment vehicles and management compensation.

In all these disciplines, lawyers may have some difficulties since their training do not usually finance related issues. Most times they operate in multidisciplinary teams including client representatives, investment bankers, accountants and the lawyers themselves. The other players often have strong finance or accounting background, which puts the lawyers at a greater disadvantage in their understanding of the issues involved and vocabulary.

Apart from the theoretical lectures, extensive practical implementation of the analytical tools in a number of smaller cases will be treated.  Based on available time, professional language and terminologies will also be covered.


We have invited seasoned professionals with legal and finance background and decades of hands-on experience to share their experiences and skills with participants in the training.



  • Financial Basics
  • Understanding Cashflow


  • Valuation and Cost of capital
  • Time value of money


Financial Basics

  • Financial Accounts
  • Balance Sheet, classification and ratios
  • Profit and loss Account, classification and ratios
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Working Capital

Understanding Cashflow

  • Introduction to cash flow
  • Computation of ratios

Valuation and Cost of Capital

  • Introduction to valuation methods
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Cost of Capital

Time Value of Money

  • Time value of money and implication in the corporate world
  • Discounting and Compounding
  • Annuities

Intelectual Property Valuation:

  • Objectives
  • Identification of products/services that qualify as IP
  • Approach to Valuation


DATE: 16th to 17th August 2018.

TIME: 9am to 5pm Daily


VENUE:  Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Conference and Exhibition Centre, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria.

FEE:    37,500.00 Only!

NOTE:   Registration closes July 31st, 2018. Registration before June 30th, 2018 attracts 10% discount. And registration of more than 3 participants by a firm also attracts 10% discount.


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